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 The Virtual Test Session at Western Michigan University will be held on July 18, 2024. Videos will be submitted virtually for judging feedback. Results will be emailed to coaches within 1-2 weeks of the official test date.

Skaters will be responsible for securing a videographer and proctor. Tests may be done on standard ice sessions as long as it is clear who the skater testing is, and they are not obstructed during their video test. Videos for test submission may not be taped more than 30 days prior to July 18th, 2024. Skaters wishing to test this way must have all forms/payments submitted to the WMU VP of Events and VP of Finance prior to turning in their video. Virtual tests are subject to the retry rule. All Out-Of-Club additional test fees have been waived for virtual test submissions.

***For all virtual test submissions, the entire test MUST BE completed in one video for all moves, freeskates, pattern dance and solo free dance. Video submissions with alterations and clips of individual elements will not be judged as they fail to meet the requirements. All videos MUST be taken horizontally. Please read through the Video Requirements Sheet prior to taping tests. All videos will be submitted via Google Drive for judging. ***


DEADLINE: Registration Forms and payment are due by 7/1/2024 at 11:59pm EST.
Any video submitted after July 18th, 2024 @6pm EST will not just judged at this session.

Late registrations may be accepted up to 8 days after the initial deadline if space allows, 7/8/2024. Any form submitted after this date will not be accepted. A late fee of $25 will be added for all late entries. All video submissions must not be taken more than 30 days prior to July 18th, 2024 or they will be void.
All skaters MUST complete Name, Image, Likeness form and affidavit form.

VENMO: WMUSkating-Club with Virtual test session memo
Please mail a check, money order or exact cash to: (checks payable to WMU Skating)
Amy Yuengert
145 Selkirk Ct.
Kalamazoo, MI 49006

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